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Suzanne A Chabaud, PhD


Doctorate in Clinical and Developmental Psychology, 1987, Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN

After receiving my PhD, I began clinical work in New Orleans. For several years I have focused exclusively on OCD and enjoyed treating hundreds of people released from its trappings. Since 2009, I became increasingly involved in treating Hoarding Disorder and appeared in several episodes of the TV series Hoarders. In 2010, I founded the OCD Institute of Greater New Orleans. My primary focus is providing a full range of care for OCD. I also provide treatment, support and education for Hoarding Disorder. I use traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness-based therapy that incorporate unique developmental history and resources of each client. I guide clients to discover internal resources to face life challenges with increased resilience, competence, empowerment and hopefulness. My work with Hoarding Disorder emerged into a pursuits outlined below.

Phone: 504.915.9590
Email: schabaud@msn.com


Tim Kershenstine, PhD, ACC

Senior Staff

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 2009, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

Since I was a teenager it has been my purpose in life to help people overcome challenges and enjoy living their life to the fullest. I joined the OCD Institute of Greater New Orleans in 2010. Since then I have developed a passion and expertise in helping people who suffer with OCD and Anxiety. I offer an alternative to disorder-focused psychotherapy, and instead, I utilize a coaching and consulting approach that focuses on educating and empowering individuals to adapt and overcome their challenges using their inner strengths and wisdom. I draw on Buddhist philosophy and practice of mindfulness meditation as well as the philosophies of Existentialism and Taoism to help my clients see themselves in a new light and develop a new approach to living. While my specialty is in working with OCD and Anxiety, I work with people dealing with a broad range of life challenges. I believe each of us has the power to create a new way of living with freedom and empowerment, despite the challenges we face.

Phone: 504.914.6209

Email: dr.kershenstine@gmail.com


Kristin E Fitch, PhD

Staff Psychologist

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 2015, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

I joined the OCD Institute of Greater New Orleans in August 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow and recently transitioned into a staff psychologist position upon receiving my license in Clinical Psychology in December 2016. I completed my doctoral studies at Florida State University and clinical internship at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (New Orleans VA Hospital) in 2015. My clinical experiences have primarily focused on anxiety and mood disorders, particularly OCD, hoarding disorder, and PTSD. I hold a cognitive-behavioral theoretical orientation and most often utilize behavioral or exposure-based interventions integrated with mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches. Much of my research has been in the areas of OCD and hoarding disorder, including my dissertation research evaluating an exposure-based treatment for feelings of incompleteness ("not just right" experiences) that often motivate ritualistic behavior in OCD.

Phone: 504.475.OCDI (6234)
Email: dr.kfitch@gmail.com